Pinveson 2.0

We're making a comeback. And it's here.

Will McCrudden, CFO

1/28/20241 min read

In April 2023, I shared that would be deprecated. We mentioned in our farewell message that we were moving away from e-commerce but remaining active in business:

"Pinveson began as an experiment to test the viability of drop shipping. As it grew, it became overwhelming to manage. We realized that prioritizing customer relationships over competing solely on profit was more important. To achieve this, we created WowAgent to help businesses build better customer relationships."

SO, WHAT'S THE DEAL NOW? has transformed. As we said in our goodbye note, we're shifting away from e-commerce. Welcome to the new Pinveson – a diverse, multi-artist record label managing artists of various sizes. Discover more about us on our site.


Truthfully, we likely won't be revisiting the idea of selling our electronics. Before you worry, we made sure all our support tickets regarding orders were closed before making the transition. Our customers remain our top priority from now on.

Thank you for being part of our evolving journey as we explore new heights. Stay tuned for what we're creating next. We'll soon relaunch our email list to keep you updated on our latest endeavors.

With love,
Will McCrudden
Pinveson CFO, always and forever <3